There is something seriously wrong with our decision making processes. Not only in politics but in every walk of life, and not just here in the UK.

All over the world people are questioning their governance systems. Brexit, Trump, Italy's overwhelming rejection of its constitutional reform or Iceland crowdsourcing the writing of its constitution. The list goes on.   

It appears that democracy may be past its sell by date. People feel powerless, voiceless and poorly represented by their elected officials. Trust in politicians is at an all time low and the machinery of government just isn't working well enough. All the while globalisation runs out of control, increasing the disparity in the world's economies. 

Now this imbalance is permeating every area of our lives; seeping into the fabric of our economic, social, industrial and cultural infrastructures. 

We need change!

But who decides what changes should be made? The only sensible response is… all of us.

But practically how can this be done? How can we start to change a system that is so profoundly failing us?  

The answer is EVERYONE